How to Use Movavi Video Editor to Edit Video in Windows

After downloading Movavi Video Editor to your computer, you can go to the downloaded file folder to install it or not. To install it, double click the .exe file and the setup wizard will open. Please follow the on-screen instructions to install Movavi Video Editor to your computer. When complete, click the program icon on desktop or go to Start menu to launch it.

The steps below will show you how to use Movavi Video Editor as an Final Cut Pro for Windows alternative.

Step 1: Run Movavi Video Editor and Import Video

  • Movavi Video Editor comes with 2 modes: Storyboard and Timeline. The former lets you easily organize media items in the project, while the latter helps you control the timing of video, music and subtitles. To Important media files, click the Import Media button and select the files you need. The imported files will appear in the Media tab. Then drag and drop them to the Storyboard or Timeline.
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Step 2: Edit Video

  • Select a video on the Storyboard or Timeline and choose the video editing tool, e.g. Crop (under the preview window), then you can edit your video in the open up window.
  • To add effects, fades, or subtitles, first click the tab in the middle of the inteface and drag and drop an element to your video.
  • You can also add voice over or capture video to use in your project, adding fun to video editing.
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Step 3: Preview and Share Your Video

  • In minutes, you can preview and export your video to your PC or upload online for sharing. Simply click the Export button to get started. You can even directly upload video to YouTube without leaving the program. With the built-in DVD burning engine, it's easy to burn your video to DVD for watching on your TV. This Final Cut Pro for Windows alternative makes sharing video easier than FCP.
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How to Uninstall Movavi Video Editor

To uninstall Movavi Video Editor for Windows, do the following.

  1. 1. Click Start > All programs.
  2. 2. In the list of programs, find the program you want to remove and click its name.
  3. 3. Click the Uninstall option.
  4. 3. In the window that appears, click the Uninstall button.
  5. 4. The program will be removed from your computer.

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